Kriti CRM -Customer and Resources Management Software

Kriti CRM is a Software Suite to manage total functional aspects of Customer Relationship to improve efficiency of Institutions. Kriti CRM is an Integrated Solution to win and retain Customers in the competitive Business environment through efficient Management of Support, Services, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Accounts Receivable, Payable, Office Administration and Order Management Functions.

Kriti CRM permits you to quickly access Information on multiple Dimensions by connecting Divisions, Subsidiaries, Regional Outlets and Entities to a Universally Accessible Central CRM Server to monitor Customer Relationship Functions, Performance, and Activities and increase Customer Satisfaction.

Kriti CRM is a ready to implement solution, with capability to Customize and Design Data Acquisition Templates or to interface with any existing Data source towards faster and efficient Implementation and Management. With capability to deploy across the Enterprise, Kriti CRM can provide the advantages of managing Information from various Sources and Technologies.

Kriti CRM has both web and as well as Client Server version.

Kriti CRM consists of the following Modules

Customer Service Management
Sales Management
Marketing Management
Order Processing System
Finance Management
Office Administration
Contact Management
Data Profiling
MIS and Business Intelligence Tools
Data Management Tools
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