Kriti LIMS - Laboratory Information & Workflow Management System

Kriti LIMS is an Integrated Software suite designed and developed for Laboratory Information and Process Management. Kriti LIMS takes care of Total Workflow Automation Activities of Testing Laboratories. The solution covers Laboratories Functions and Process like Testing, Quality Control, R&D, Test Result Entry, Report Generation, Invoice, Billing, Statements, Reports, MIS etc.

Kriti LIMS solution would enable Laboratories to move towards paperless office. Kriti LIMS Software has the facility to be customized and implemented in any sized Testing Laboratory environments. The Solution can be implemented on Modular basis too.

Kriti LIMS Laboratory Business Process Automation System is a true web based Laboratory Information Management System. Integrated into the Windows environment capable to adapt for any specific Lab requirements. Kriti LIMS has a scaleable Architecture supporting Cloud, on Centralized or Decentralized, Departmental and installations with multi-lingual support.

Kriti LIMS allows laboratories to Trace and Track all samples or specimens that are received into the laboratory, Tests Performed; Methods Utilized, their results, any changes to results, control limits, QC values etc.

Sample Tracking (invoicing/quoting), Service Tax Reports Data Entry , Sample Scheduling , QA/QC, Electronic Data Entry ,Chemical/Reagent Inventory ,Personnel and Equipment Management, Customer Relationship Management ,Maintenance, Advanced MIS and Business Intelligence Modules and facilities to transfer data to MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, and other user defined formats.

Kriti LIMS has optional Modules for Advanced Data Management for Analytical Applications; Data Import Tools for Instrument Integration etc. automated e-mailing of reports, Publishing Results on secured Web Server.

Kriti LIMS Lab Process Automation System is operational in both highly regulated and non-regulated environments and meets all functional requirements by providing full sample Tracking, Acceptance to the delivery of Results, related Process, Workflow, Record maintenance, Statements, Books of Account, Correspondence etc.

Regular and Routine MIS Reports, Secure Reports, Data Mining and Fingertip Production of Graphical Outputs allow many type of users to interpret the Information.

Result entry is the Time Consuming and Key Activity. Kriti LIMS provides facility for both Manual and Automated Result entry process. Automated result entry is made possible by interfacing the output generated from the Electronic Testing Instruments.

Kriti LIMS tools help the users to create database queries with minimal effort and knowledge of the Kriti LIMS Database structure.

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